Ardingly College Lodge No 4410

Woodard Masonry

A number of Woodard schools have their own Masonic lodges. In addition, there are other Masonic orders in which Woodard schools are represented. The list on this page is certainly incomplete, so if you know of any others, please mail the webmaster.

Craft lodges

  • Ardingly College Lodge No 4410 – this Lodge.
  • The Old Lancing Lodge No 4660
  • Hurst Johnian Lodge No 4937 (Hurstpierpoint College).
  • Old Ellesmerian Lodge No 5368.
  • Old Denstonian Lodge No 5490.
  • Old Worksopian Lodge No 6963.
  • Old Aluredian Lodge No 7724 (King’s College, Taunton).
  • Old Bloxhamist Lodge No 7725.

Other orders

  • Woodard Royal Arch Chapter No 4410.
  • Woodard Mark Lodge.
  • Woodard Rose Croix Chapter.