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Ardingly College Lodge No 4410

Who we are

We are a private lodge in English Freemasonry - number 4410 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England - with strong but not exclusive links to Ardingly College.  Many of the members are Old Ardinians.  Others have connections through family or friendship.

Our lodge is a London lodge, meaning that our regular meeting place is in London, and we are supervised, Masonically, by the Metropolitan Grand Lodge, which operates as a Province in the UGLE organisation.

We are also members of the Public Schools Lodges Council, along with thirty and more other public school lodges.  There is a tradition of visiting between these lodges.

The officers of Ardingly College Lodge for 2012/13 include:

  • Master: Michael Browne
  • Treasurer: John Donegan
  • Almoner: David Blunt
  • Royal Arch representative: Paul Wolff
Communications about lodge business or enquiries from prospective members are best sent to the Secretary, unless of course you already have a personal contact with another member.  Members, dependents, and dependents of former members who would like confidential advice about assistance and support should contact the Almoner.

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