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Ardingly College Lodge No 4410

This is the Masonic Lodge for Ardingly College. We are independent of the school, but strongly connected.

Every year we have three evening meetings in London, and each meeting is in two parts. The first part is at Freemasons' Hall, a great art deco building in Great Queen Street near Covent Garden and Drury Lane, used for filming and fashion shows besides Masonic meetings. This inevitably makes us thirsty, so we go to complete the meeting in a nearby pub or restaurant with dinner and a pint or two - the last, on 5th March, was at the Freemasons' Arms in Long Acre.

In the summer term, usually on a Saturday afternoon, we meet at Ardingly, and may have an informal lunch there with guests from the school as well as wives and partners.

Our next meeting will be at Ardingly College on Saturday 21st June, after lunch at one o'clock in the staff dining room.


Email the Secretary for more details. We would love to see others there, whether you're a Mason yourself, or just interested in meeting the Ardinian Freemasons. We're open to all questions. Anyone with a connection to Ardingly in particular, whether Old Ardinians, family of current or old boys or girls of the College, staff, former staff or family members, Friends or former Friends of Ardingly, or any others not on this list.

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  • Ardingly College is an English public school at Ardingly, in Sussex.  It was founded in 1858 by Nathaniel Woodard, a Victorian with a drive to improve educational opportunity, and a brilliant fund-raiser.  Woodard established Ardingly as St Saviour's College, after Lancing and Hurstpierpoint.

  • Freemasonry is an ancient institution organised into something recognisably like its present form during the English Enlightenment of the eighteenth century, with aspects of a charitable organisation, a spirit of enquiry and truth, and a social meeting place for men of like interests.  English Freemasonry is supervised by the United Grand Lodge of England.  Corresponding Grand Lodges exist in many other countries.  Freemasons meet periodically in the thousands of private lodges existing under the UGLE.

  • In 1923 the then Headmaster of Ardingly College, together with other masters and the Provost of the school, the Bishop of Lewes, set up a new private lodge under the UGLE for Masons having a connexion with the school.  We are that Lodge.  We are open to Old Ardinians, school staff, parents of pupils and of OAs, and any other friend of Ardingly College who is, or wishes to become, a Mason, with some restrictions - regular Freemasonry is only open to men of good character.
On these pages you will find more information about who we are, what we do, where and when we meet, our history, other Masonic organisations of the Woodard schools, how to contact us, and links to external web pages of the School and of Masonry.
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